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  • "Kangana should leave the industry", says Karan Johar

    Kangana Ranaut's debut on Karan Johar's talk show sparked a lot of controversy. The actress was absolutely ruthless towards KJo and went on to label him as the "bearer of the flag of nepotism".

    Being a humble host he is, Karan Johar may have retained him to keep the peace on his show, but recently KJo broke his silence on the episode of Kangana and revealed what he really thinks about the 'Queen' of Bollywood.

    In the video below, Karan talks about how she gave a substantial platform to Kangana to speak her mind, but also added that she is "done with Kangana playing the woman's card and the victim card"

     He said: "She was my guest and I had to listen to what she said. She has the right to have an opinion, but when she says" bearer of the flag of nepotism ", I mean I do not think she understood The whole of that statement because what is nepotism? I am working with my son, daughter or nephew? What about the 15 filmmakers who are not from the movie industry? No one will talk about Tarun Mansukhani, Shakun Batra, Shashank Khaitan or A punit Malhotra, who is a nephew of costume designers, who did not come from any film background. You give these people a film career and I think it is the opposite of nepotism, but that, of course, one would not receive credit As for the actors, I have just released two of them, namely Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan. "Sidharth Malhotra was only 1/3 of them and had nothing to do with the films. Which meant (sic). "

    He added that Kangana should leave the film industry if he feels victimized at all times.

    - What do you mean by "movie mafia"? What do you think we're doing? Sit here and not give you a job? Is that what makes us mobsters? We do it by our choice. I do it because I might not be interested in working with Kangana and that does not make me a movie mafia, it makes me a man with an opinion. I appreciate that she had a great perspective and everyone praised her for coming on my show. People said that "I gave it to Karan" and I would say, of course, but I was kind enough to keep everything. I did not cut any of that and edit so many things in the series. I was like letting the world see your opinion. I gave him the platform to talk and now this is my platform so here I am speaking what I want. I want to conclude by saying that I have finished with Kangana playing the woman's card and the victim card. You can not be a victim in every moment you have a sad story to tell about how you have been terrorized by the world of industry. If that's the case, leave it (sic), "said Johar.

    This is really wild! It would be interesting to see how Kangana would react to this.

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